Hello there! I am a self-taught cake and sugar artist, architect, wife and mom who enjoys doing “pretty things”. I paint with oils, acrylics and watercolors. Art is something “grand” for me: I have this deep need to be always creative.

Thinking about the origins of my passion for beautiful cakes, I have to go back in time to grandma’s house. I am filled with memories of gorgeous handcrafted sugar flowers, the smell of gourmet-style cakes and the lively chattering around the crafting table. I remember being a little girl and admiring all sort of creations happening there. Unfortunately, I would not learn this art from grandma because illness stopped her baking when I was only nine. Nevertheless, these memories would be the “seeds” for what it became one of my life-long dreams: “The Passion for Sugar Art”.

The joy of marriage and children came along with the years. After deciding on staying at home, the perfect time for learning, creating and baking came to life. I am so blessed for the opportunity of being with my precious kids while nurturing a creative environment… It has been a fun process of learning that started back in 2004.

One of my first cold porcelain figures

Alongside this journey through life, I’ve had several mentors, helpers and opportunities that fueled the Artisan Cake Boutique dream:

1. My grandmother
2. My mom and dad, the painting, drawing and all the art we created at home. It was a blessing growing up in the mist of two talented artists.
3. My amazing oil painting teacher in Colombia.
4. My father-in-law and his wife for finding resources that helped me learn and improve my techniques.
5. Freelancing for Hasbro, Inc. modeling figures for all kinds of PLAY-DOH® packaging.


The Artisan Cake Boutique was born out of my desire to fulfill a God-given calling above all things, and in response to several people inquiring about it. The time has come and I thank you for your interest in our products and for visiting our site. I look forward to creating the best cake experience you’ve ever had!